Pregnancy Pilates

Prenatal Pilates helps your body adjust to its changing shape from the first trimester up to the third trimester. Pregnancy Pilates can help with:

  • A healthy and positive pregnancy.
  • Assist the body in postural demands of the weight of a growing baby by creating stability and strength.
  • Increase energy levels and combat stress and tension which can sometimes be caused by pregnancy.
  • Reduce the incidence of back conditions, sciatica, carpal tunnel, leg cramps, constipation and other pregnancy related conditions.
  • Support changes in body movement patterns during each semester, counteracting muscular imbalances caused by pregnancy and the post-natal period.
  • Increases stamina, suppleness and strength and prepares the woman physically and mentally for labour and childbirth.
  • I ensure that you are exercising safely and effectively to benefit both you and your baby.

Re-Start Your Fitness Journey with Post Natal Pilates.

Postnatal Pilates counterbalances the effects of pregnancy and childbirth, promoting somatic confidence and good self-image for the postnatal period. All new postnatal clients will be examined and assessed for Diastasis Recti.

You will start on a specific Pelvic Floor Programme which will run concurrently through the exercise programme.

The Postnatal programme focuses on stronger abdominals and pelvic floor work in a sensible, functional manner to assist in postnatal recovery.

Create stability and strength in a functional form through shoulder, trunk, and pelvic stability to reorganise the bodies structure after childbirth.

Brings an increase in endorphins; the feel-good hormones to create a natural feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

Help weight control and aid the return of pre-pregnancy physique.

Once the postnatal programme has finished clients are then able to move onto the Classical Pilates repertoire Level 2 and above.