“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”

— Joseph Pilates


Home and Studio Classes to guide you through your journey.

My private Pilates sessions are hands-on with personal attention; there is no better way to experience this than through one of my home visits and taster sessions. You can then choose from blocks of 3, 5 or 8 sessions that fit around your schedule.
Private sessions are the perfect opportunity to master the fundamentals and delve deeper into a journey of exploration for your specific goals.
Keeping the integrity of the original Classical Pilates method as Joseph Pilates originally intended, we focus on the strengthening and lengthening of muscles to create better posture, strength and stability in the body.
Sessions are challenging yet rewarding, with exercises to stimulate body and mind.
Additional exercises are added to bespoke personal sessions only.
For studio equipment privates, I teach at the award-winning and voted No. 1 by Vogue, Exhale Pilates, London. There are two studios, one in Primrose Hill and also in Finchley, North London.
Pilates works with the resistance offered by equipment and one’s own body. Pilates Mat work is the most famous type of Pilates workout, but it is not the only one.
I am certified to teach on all of the Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, Tower, Barrel, and Chair.
Practising in a studio will open another dimension to your practice.

The equipment highlights imbalances within the body and additional exercises can target, support and re-balance the body as a whole.


Online Pilates

Practice Wherever, Whenever

​Classical Pilates Matwork is an intellectual form of mind/body exercises developed and practised to simultaneously stretch, strengthen, tone, and align the body uniformly.
My unique and supportive approach to movement teaches you to move safely and educates you in the way you use your body and control your movements from your centre. This leads to greater body strength and better balance which tones the body and Improves body musculoskeletal imbalances and postural issues.
Online Pilates classes are easy for you to do in the comfort of your own home, with no equipment needed other than a mat, your mind and your body.
I make Pilates more convenient, more accessible and more manageable, for all fitness levels and levels of Pilates experience.


Bespoke Sessions

Tailored around you to maximise success in reaching your goals.

Bespoke Pilates offers tailored, safe and effective programmes to meet your individual needs, at any level, wherever you are. I will come to you in person to your home or workspace, or via live video.

The Classical Pilates Method alone will be life-changing.

Practised alongside your current discipline whether it be running, cycling, golf, boxing or weight training can give you that extra edge and guaranteed to beat your current personal bests.

My client-centred bespoke exercise programmes are tailored to you as an individual, your capabilities and specific body issues and goals.

Private one to one’s can deepen your understanding of the method and include learning the many nuances of the work with incredible results.

During bespoke sessions, you will practice exercises built on principles of alignment, breath and core stability that work the whole body and mind together to achieve improved movement conditioning, core control and strength, balance and posture correction.

My Private one to one sessions are open to everyone and are ideal for anyone worried about attending larger classes due to injuries or other issues, or who simply wish to have the benefits of this more focused and completely personal approach.